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Chameleon Server C64

Download : ChamServer

Chameleon server is a utility for the Turbo Chameleon cartridge  produced by Individual Computers that allows you to send C64 prg files directly to the machine via USB.


No installation required. Simply copy the exe to any folder and it will search for all .prg files in the folder and sub-folders. Be warned though, if you run it from the root of the drive, it will search all sub-folders and may take a very long time to start.


The aplication will search for the chameleon when it starts up and when a usb device is plugged into your PC. Once you recieve the "Chameleon Found" message, simply double-click any file to send it to the chameleon/C64.

You can use the remote control panel on the right to send keypresses to the C64. After every keypress, the screen will be read back and displayed in this panel.