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Chameleon CC65

Download : ChamCC65


Chameleon CC65 is a scratchpad application that uses the CC65 compiler to comple C language programs that can then be sent directly to the C64 over USB using the Turbo Chameleon.

Its not intended to be a fully featured C IDE as there are more of these than I can count but rather a quick and convenient way to play with the compiler and get your projects onto the Turbo Chameleon. It will have syntax highlighting and perhaps some other features, but in line with my usual design philosophy will not have complicated configuration screens and often unneccesary eye-candy functionality.



Please ensure that CC65 is properly installed and the the Bin folder is in your path.



The only thing to note here is that currently when you save it will always save to temp.c. You can "Save as" to make a backup of your file or save a version of it but the scratchpad generally works with temp.c